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Bosch Megafilt SuperTEX Type G XL Vacuum Cleaner Bags Pack of 4

Product Code: BSH17003048


Genuine Bosch Activa, Alpha, Casa, Compacta, Easy Control, Optima, Perfecta, Powermax, Pro Parquet, Solida, Speedy, Sphera, Terrarossa Series, Conti, De Sina, Hotpoint, John Lewis, Karcher,  Krups, Novum, Privileg, Profilo, Protos, Severin, Siemens, SP, Ufesa, Volta MEGAfilt, SuperTEX vacuum cleaner synthetic paper dust bags

Pack of 4

Compares to Type D, E, F, G, Type XL, H, 463511, 00463511, BBZ52AFGXL, 17003048

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PHL202DEU/02 PHL202DEU/03 PHL202DEU/04 PHL202DEU/08 PHL202DEU/09 PHL202DEU/12 PHL206DEU/01 PHL206DEU/02 PHL206DEU/03 PHL206DEU/04 PHL206DEU/08 PHL206DEU/09 PHL206DEU/12 PHL206DEU/13 PHL206ENL/01 PHL206ENL/02 PHL206ENL/03 PHL206ENL/04 PHL206ENL/06 PHL206FEU/01 PHL206FEU/08 PHL206FEU/09 PHL206FEU/13 6000-6999 BBS6000 BBS2299 BBS2999 10 BSC1999 BSD1000 BBS7999 BSD2000 BBS5999 BBS6317 BBS1199 BSG4 BSF1999
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VC201 VN201
BR7932 BR7934 BR7936 BR7937 Gr.SB 9028
4280W0GB/08 SUPERVS5/00 VS01C17/00 VS04G0000 VS04G9999 VS06G0000 VS06G1600 VS06G9999 VS06GXXLCH/03 VS07G0000 VS07G9999 VS08G1701/01 VS08G1800/03 VS08GP1269/15 VS10000 VS10145AA/05 VS12A00/04 VS25A12GB/02 VS32B00 VS33A24FF/04 VS33A99 VS33B99 VS42B00 VS4463A07 VS44A99 VS44B99 VS5(00) VS50000 VS50032SS(00) VS50A00 VS50B00 VS50C00 VS50D00 VS50KA000 VS50XS240/03 VS51XM300/02 VS52XL370/04 VS53E00/06 VS54E01/06 VS55E81/09 VS57E81/09 VS5800(00) VS5833(01) VS59A99 VS59B99 VS59C99 VS59E99 VS59KA999 VS5A2522/06 VS5KC03GB/06 VS60A00/01 VS60A00/02 VS60A00/03 VS60A00/04 VS60A00/05 VS60A00CH/02 VS60A01ID/01 VS60A01ID/02 VS60A05/04 VS60A10/01 VS60A10/02 VS60A10/03 VS60A10/05 VS60A11EU/01 VS60A11EU/02 VS60A11EU/03 VS60A11EU/04 VS60A11EU/05 VS60A12EU/01 VS60A12EU/02 VS60A12EU/03 VS60A12EU/04 VS60A12EU/05 VS60A21EU/01 VS60A21EU/02 VS60A21EU/03 VS60A22/02 VS60A22/03 VS60A22/04 VS60A22/05 VS61A00/01 VS61A00/02 VS61A00/03 VS61A00/04 VS61A00CH/01 VS61A00CH/02 VS61A00CH/03 VS61A00CH/04 VS61A00ID/01 VS61A00ID/02 VS61A00IL/01 VS61A00RK/02 VS61A00RK/03 VS61A00RK/04 VS61A01/01 VS61A01/02 VS61A01/03 VS61A01/04 VS61A01/06 VS61A02/01 VS61A03/01 VS61A04/02 VS61A04/03 VS61A04/04 VS61A05/03 VS61A05/04 VS61A05/06 VS61A06/03 VS61A06/04 VS61A06/06 VS61A07/03 VS61A07/04 VS61A09EU/04 VS61A10/04 VS61A14/04 VS61A24/01 VS61A24/02 VS61A35/01 VS61A35/02 VS61A35/03 VS61A45/03 VS61A45/04 VS61A50/01 VS61A50/02 VS61A50/03 VS61A50/04 VS61A50/06 VS62A00/01 VS62A00/02 VS62A00/03 VS62A00/04 VS62A00CH/01 VS62A00IL/01 VS62A00IL/02 VS62A00RK/02 VS62A00RK/03 VS62A00RK/04 VS62A01EU/01 VS62A01EU/02 VS62A01EU/03 VS62A01EU/04 VS62A02/02 VS62A02/03 VS62A02/04 VS62A04EU/02 VS62A04EU/03 VS62A04EU/04 VS62A04EU/06 VS62A05/02 VS62A06/02 VS62A06/03 VS62A06/04 VS62A07/04 VS62A07/06 VS62A08/04 VS62A08/06 VS62A09/06 VS62A12/01 VS62A12/02 VS62A99 VS63A01 VS63A04/06 VS63A06 VS63A07 VS63A08 VS63A09 VS63A10 VS63A23CH/10 VS63A99 VS69000 VS69013/01 VS70000 VS70177/11 VS70A00/01 VS70B00 VS70D00 VS7100(00) VS71514/06 VS7200(00) VS72322II/02 VS72A02/01 VS72A02CH/01 VS72A03/01 VS72A03/04 VS72A04/01 VS72A04/04 VS72A05/01 VS72A06/01 VS72A06/04 VS72A35/01 VS72Q02/01 VS73A00/01 VS73A00/04 VS73A01/01 VS73A03/01 VS73B00RK/01 VS73B00RK/04 VS73B01/01 VS73B01/04 VS73B02/01 VS73B03/01 VS73B04CH/01 VS73C04/05 VS74B00/01 VS74B00/02 VS74B01/01 VS74B01/02 VS74D00/04 VS79A99 VS79B99 VS79C99 VS79D99 VS90A0000 VS91A00/01 VS92A00/01 VS92A01CH/01 VS92B00 VS93A00/01 VS93A07/01 VS94A00/01 VS99A99 VS99A9999 VSQ8337/03 VSZ3A330/03 VSZ3A330/12 VSZ3B320/03 VSZ3B320/12 VSZ4G331/01 VSZ4GA442/01 VSZ61225/04 VSZ61245GB/01 VSZ62544/03 VSZ7330/05 VSZ7330/08 VSZ7330/12 VSZ7400M1/12 VSZ7442S/10 VSZ7442S/12 VSZ7A337M/08 VSZ7A337M/12 VSZ7A400/08 VSZ7A400/10 VSZ7A400/12 VSZ7M1/08 VSZ7M1/12 VSZ7MSA400/12 VZ51FGALL(00) VS10999 VS59999 VS69999 VS71128 711 VS71999 VS63A00 VS32A00 VS70A00 VS60A VS70C00 VS42A00 VS90A00
AT4211 AT4212 AT4217 AT4218
U405 U406 U407 U408 U409 U410 U412 U414

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