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Ironing Board Covers

Over the years, the ironing board covers begin to tear or discolor in heavily stressed areas. Then the ironing board accessories no longer look beautiful and should be replaced. Not a problem, because there are suitable replacement covers for the ironing boards. These come in different colors and designs - from simple to eye-catching. But not only in terms of appearance, the ironing board covers convince, but also with their functionality. Because special materials ensure maximum ironing comfort and speed up the work enormously.

Air Active -These ironing board covers are specially designed for the use of an active ironing table. They support the functions of such a model and consist of durable, air-permeable foam padding. Such ironing board covers are especially suitable for sensitive garments. Because these can be ironed particularly gently on the ironing table cover - without any additional ironing cloth.

Perfect Steam -If you use a steam ironing station, you can buy Steam covers. These are provided with a fine perforation, which ideally distributes the steam. In addition, the Molton padding ensures maximum comfort and guarantees gentle ironing.

Thermo Reflect -In order to be able to iron particularly quickly, Leifheit offers ironing board covers with thermal reflect technology. This makes it possible to iron the laundry from two sides at the same time.

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