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Germany’s No. 1 for bathroom and kitchen scales is celebrating its 150th anniversary and is bringing with it innovative products from new categories

From scales to health control: 150 years of Soehnle

1868 is the year some outstanding German personalities were born. These include the developer August Horch, founder of Audi, or Germany’s only chess world champion Emanuel Lasker. The fact that exactly 150 years ago a businessman from tranquil Murrhardt, close to Stuttgart, would achieve fame worldwide was not foreseeable at the time. Wilhelm Soehnle was the name of the businessman who started to build the first scales in a small workshop. 150 years later, the “Soehnle” brand is among the leading providers of bathroom and kitchen scales and is celebrating its grand anniversary. Since its foundation, the Soehnle brand has placed value on first-class quality and reliability, ease of use and outstanding design. In its anniversary year 2018, the brand is rediscovering itself and is starting the largest product push in is history. With the introduction of new product categories like blood pressure gauges, fitness trackers and air purifiers, Soehnle is creating new sales potentials. The brand is thereby also highlighting its philosophy “Life in Balance” and fully meets its claim. With the high-quality and innovative new products, people will be supported in keeping fit and consciously living more healthily.

Since 2001, Soehnle has been owned by Leifheit - known as a pioneer for efficient floor cleaning, laundry care and kitchen aids with registered office in Nassau. In fiscal year 2016, Leifheit achieved group sales of 237.1 million euros and employs about 1,000 employees. The company can look back on more than 200 million scales sold and numerous prizes for innovation and design.

Amazing new innovations for scales now and in the future

Like before, Soehnle is investing in the development of new scale technologies. As a result, there are products available in the anniversary year which have the potential to become best sellers: The Page Aqua Proof is the first dishwasher-safe kitchen scales from Soehnle. After use, it can be cleaned with a water jet or in the dishwasher without hesitation. The high-quality electronics remain fully protected.
Real innovations also include the new body analysis scales from Soehnle. The scales in the Shape Sense Connect range measure the proportion of body fat, water and muscle mass through bio- impedance. The information also provides BMI and daily calorific needs. All data are stored during the measurement process and sent to the Soehnle App via Bluetooth. The App then delivers clear presentations of personal measurement values. It is simple and intuitive to operate and connect with Google Fit and Apple Health.